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PCR Technology Consulting was founded on the premise that technology design, implementation, and maintenance need not distract executives from running their businesses. Over the past 20 years, we designed networks that have exceeded our customers’ expectations while not exhausting their budgets. We also offer affordable solutions that correct problems that compromise performance on existing networks. We take great pride in our ability to understand your technology needs and offer comprehensive, full service solutions at affordable prices.

PCR Technology Consulting has three cornerstone philosophies that are key to our success: People Before Technology, Integrity Before Profit, and Satisfaction Above All.


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Clients consider PCR Technology Consulting an indispensable part of their team. We bring the highest level of professionalism and integrity to every engagement and that has won us lasting relationships. With over 20 years of experience, PCR Technology Consulting has designed, deployed, and maintained networks for clients of all sizes. We also design and build data centers and manage key technology practices. We vigilantly stay true to our guiding philosophies, which ensures projects are implemented according to plan and clients are thoroughly satisfied with the results.



CTO Advisory Services

CTO Advisory Services

Modern networks are built by melding together complex integrated hardware and software solutions. Keeping these components up to date and running at peak performance can be a challenge. At PCR Technology Consulting, our vast experience in network design and implementation gives us a unique understanding of the best ways to create and maintain network health and stability. Utilize our CTO Advisory Services and let us help you identify these technology pain points and show you how to resolve them.

    We specialize in:

  • Designing and running focused technology workshops for key members of your IT staff
  • Planning and implementing program and project workshops
  • Discussing high level technical solutions with non-technical members of your business

Infrastructure Design

A modern, healthy network is a critical component to the success of your business. If your systems need a technology refresh, our experts can evaluate your environment and deliver a succinct Infrastructure Design that will support current and future needs.

    Let PCR:

  • Use industry best practices to evaluate the state of your current network
  • Identify cost effective, strategic moves to hosted solutions
  • Upgrade, migrate, and decommission components of your existing network to ensure systems are operating at their highest levels
Infrastructure Design
Desktop Design

Desktop Design

Most networks have great depth and complexity, but to the end user, the entire network experience is what they see when they use their computer. This user-facing portion can be designed in ways that either please or frustrate the user. We are experts at merging users' needs and industry trends to create sensible desktops that encourage maximum productivity.

    PCR can:

  • Review your current desktop and recommend practical changes to improve the user experience
  • Help you understand Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offerings and explain how your organization might benefit from this technology
  • Work with key members of your IT staff to discuss industry best practices, including how to avoid common design pitfalls

Data Center Selection & Design

These days, some businesses house their critical IT infrastructure in a data center. These facilities offer customers extensive redundant backup power supply systems, redundant cooling systems, redundant connectivity options, and policy-based security systems. Choosing the right facility can be a challenge, but PCR Technology Consulting can take the guesswork out of making this important decision.

    Let PCR help you:

  • Determine if a data center/colocation facility is right for your business
  • Evaluate and choose the right data center
  • Design the proper physical layout and power requirements
  • Plan and manage your data center migration
Data Center Selection & Design
Managed Services 24x7 Monitoring

Managed Services/24x7 Monitoring

Your business is part of a global network with users visiting websites and exchanging emails and attachments with people from all over the world. This seemingly harmless behavior can be very risky if your equipment is not routinely updated and patched. That said, even well maintained networks need to be carefully watched and tweaked when necessary. Using state-of-the-art hardware and software, PCR Managed Services will monitor your critical infrastructure 24x7 and act on issues as needed. Let us watchdog your network and provide a lifeline for your IT staff.

    PCR will:

  • Monitor your environment, perform corrective action when necessary, and alert your IT staff that problems were addressed
  • Supply tools so your IT staff can support users in multiple locations
  • Remotely support your users full-time or on an as needed basis
  • Update and maintain your servers and workstations
PCR Technologies


People Before Technology

PCR takes the time to understand how people are impacted by technological issues and charts a course that minimizes or eliminates user inconvenience.

Integrity Before Profit

At PCR Technology Consulting we bring integrity and honesty to every engagement. That is why you will always get the highest quality work at a fair price.

Satisfaction Above All

No project is complete until the customer is thoroughly satisfied.




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